Where Are You?

We are sometimes asked, Where are you?, or, Where have you been?   I have come to realize over the years that we are all where we want to be!!!



We look at the attendance board at church and it is usually all over the place.  One day it is high… one day it is low…  I never remember the attendance ever being exactly the same 2 weeks in a row!  People miss.  Certainly there are good reasons why people miss. Sometimes I am asked if it bothers me when people miss.  The obvious answer is, Sure!  But I have come to realize there is very little I can do about it.  I have also come to realize that people are where they want to be!  Where we want to be is a choice.  It does sadden me to see the choices that many make.  I do believe that many are making the wrong and bad choices.



BUT, where we are is always a choice?



AND, on that Day, when final judgment is passed on each and everyone of us, where we are eternally will be the cumulative results of all the choices we have made in life.