Pause Before You Post

Pause before you post.  This is a new, catchy phrase that is circulating to help people THINK before they post something.  It can be posted on the Internet or simply text by phone.  The purpose of pausing before you post is to remind you that once you post something it is FOREVER out there.  Once you hit the send button there is no taking it back.  Text a nude photo of yourself (sexting) and that photo can end up on the Internet for millions to see.  Once you send an angry word, there is no taking it back.


Pause before you post is a warning that strikes many today because of our technology.  Actually, the Bible said the same thing years ago: Let everyone be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger… (James 1:19).  The same thing is true.  Once you have said something you can never take it back.  Once you write something it can’t be erased.  Speaking and writing is not as bad in the sense it will not reach the Internet and spread like wildfire and can never be erased.  But, spoken or written messages can hurt feelings, emotionally injure others, and even cause souls to be lost.  So, Pause before you post, is an important message even for those who do not use modern day technology.


I once preached a sermon talking about Restoration Principles.  It is an important concept for churches of Christ.  Speak where the Bible speaks, be silent where the Bible is silent.  Going back and doing things like the early church did.  Afterwards one commented to me, I suppose you want us to start wear togas and sandals.  My thought was, No, just start riding a donkey to church.  Actually, I didn’t say that because I paused before posting.  He was expressing some kind of disagreement.  He was making fun of what I said and ridiculing me.  He was trying to be mean and hurtful.  And he was.  I believe that going back to the NT and restoring the NT church is an important concept.  If someone was genuinely searching, would his comment have turned them off if they overheard it?


Pause before you post.  I must confess that I have not always done that.  There are some things I wish I could take back.  I have said some things that the moment the words left my mouth I wish I hadn’t said.  As James goes onto say the man who can control the tongue is a perfect man.  We will always be in danger of saying things we shouldn’t.  I heard the phrase on the radio this past week and it was a good reminder – Pause before you post.