Churches in the Shape of Scripture

Dan Chambers has written a new book, Churches in the Shape of Scripture.  What caught my attention is the idea.  We want a church like the Scriptures say it should be, don’t we?  After all that is what the Restoration plea is all about!  As I write this I have just got the book and have not read it all.  In fact, I am not reading it in order, but starting with the chapters that I am somewhat concerned with as I think about the church today.  Though I have not read the entire book, I am familiar with Dan Chambers and other booklets that he has written.  He has written, Where’s the Piano?, and Is Baptism Really Necessary.  When I first read, Where’s the Piano?, what impressed me the most was the simplicity with which he wrote.  I didn’t need to know Greek or have a stack of Bible Help books sitting next to me to understand it. One of the comments in the Gospel Advocate about the book was: I just     finished your new book… wow, great, SIMPLE (my capitalization), what a tool, and thank you!


Other comments:

This is the best, most earnestly SIMPLE (my capitalization) book I have ever read on the Lord’s church and her doctrine…


Please read this book!  …please be sure to include this important book in you quest for the truth. You will be glad you did.


Here’s the book’s chapters:

New Testament-shaped Churches

Salvation & Church Membership — In the Shape of the NT

Music Praise in the Assembly — In the Shape of the NT

The Lord’s Day & The Lord’s Supper — In the Shape of the NT

Gender Roles in the Assembly — In the Shape of the NT

Church Organization & Leadership — In the Shape of the NT

Myths & Misconceptions About the Churches of Christ

Cost: 11.99 + shipping


Amazon Link to the book for $13.81