How to Serve?

When I was at Harding we had a pretty good football team all 4 years I was there.  In fact, John Prock, the coach, was named Coach of the Year two of the four years I was there (‘69 and ‘72) in the NAIA region Harding played in.  Coach Prock passed away recently. I was reading about him in a writeup in the Harding Alumni report.  The interesting thing I read was he described himself as, the deacon in charge of folding chairs!    I thought, Wow!  I want to work for a church so big it needs a deacon in charge of folding chairs!

Actually, he served as an usher, Sunday school teacher, deacon and elder over his years as a Christian at the West Side Church of Christ in Searcy.  But his humble description of himself as the deacon in charge of folding chairs revealed a super Christian attitude.  One man described him as, John could always be counted on to help with anything, but he always preferred to work in the background. He was a deeply dedicated Christian man.

A question that was raised to the elders recently, How can I serve?  Coach Prock offers a unique perspective somewhat reminding of Mary in the Bible who did what she could!  Why not be the deacon in charge of folding chairs?  Why not be the person who can always be counted on to help – with anything! Why not be the individual that works in the background, often never noticed… never thank… never appreciated… but deeply dedicated to Christ?