The election is over. I think there is a unique phenomenon that takes place after the election, that is, there is a call for unity. It also happens when war breaks out or when there is a crisis, like hurricane Sandy that recently hit the east coast. There is a coming together and a cry to work together. The call for unity is a bit surprising after the campaigns where there are a lot… a lot… a lot… of negative attacks, so much so we grow tired of watching them on TV. In fact, there seems to be a lot of strong hatred. Mitt Romney was gracious in his concession speech. A religious man he wished Obama well and said his prayers would be with him. Words of a politician or a sincere wish? Who knows? Defeat after a long and emotional cam-paign had to be tough. But, I would like to think sincere and an effort to make a stronger country. I believe Obama was right when he said there were strong differ-ence between the two, but that both men loved their country. Why, now there is even a united movement to avoid the Financial Cliff and a new willingness to co-operate. I guess we’ll see???

This church has always striven for unity… peace… and harmony. I have been blessed to have been a part of it for 25, going on 26 years now. As we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday this past week, I am very thankful to have been a part of SouthSide. Recently my thoughts have turned to what life would be like without this church. The recent disruption to the peace and unity that have been characteristic of this church have been stressful. The loss of friends painful and disappointing. I have a card that sits on my desk for which I am thankful… a note of encouragement to me… sent by a beautiful family!

I am thankful for the direction this church has chosen to maintain and am in no way sorry for that decision. My prayer is that as this crisis passes and we move forward a stronger sense of unity will continue. In fact, I have seen families grow stronger and appreciate the words of encouragement they have shared. I have more confidence in and appreciation for many who have maintained a strong Christ-like spirit.

It is a season for being thankful… as is every season for the Christian. I am thankful for those who have chosen to continue to make this church a stronger and better church.