Many of you probably know what DTR means.  I am struggling learning the Texting Language and Face Book Terminology.  Reading the book Not A Fan, I was lost and had to read the explanation.  DTR means Define the Relationship.  At some point two people who are involved with each other need to figure out where the relationship is going. That moment is a DTR moment.  Do they want to take it to the next level?  Do they want to separate?  Do they want to commit for life – that’s called marriage.

I am reading a book, Not A Fan. It is a book about defining your relationship with Christ.  Basically it ask: Are you a fan or are you a follower?  There is a big difference between the two. A fan by definition is an enthusiastic admirer.  A follower is much more than that. A follower is committed to Jesus.  Probably most of the followers of Christ are more likely fans of Christ.  The book is about taking your relationship with Christ to the next level — from a fan to a follower Christ!

In the book he says, I’m not asking…

Do you go to church?

Do you own three or more Bibles?

Did you grow up going to VBS and/or Church camp?

Is your ring tone a worship song?

Do you wear witness wear?

Is the KJV the only real version of the Bible?

Under “religious views” does your Facebook page say “Christ Follower”

Those are just a few of the questions he asks.  And right after that he references Matt 7 where men who consider themselves to be followers of Jesus are stunned to find out that he doesn’t even recognize them!

It is an interesting book.  It challenges one to consider the question, Am I a follower of Christ… or just a fan?  It challenges us to take an honest look and Define Our Relationship with Christ.  I easily fall into the fan category.  But, can I say I am a follower of Christ?