Hug Your Kids

Hug your kids and tell them you love them.  That was a post that Melissa Elderkin put on Facebook not long after the Sandy Hook school shooting.  One way or the other we all want to reach out to those families and our thoughts turn to our own families.  Jeremiah writes: My grief is beyond    healing, my heart is sick within me.  (8:18) After the fact, we look for ways the tragedy could have been prevented.


Joe Biden introduced a gun control bill several years ago that expired. He is now in charge of a task force to curb such violence.  Some are suggesting we allow teachers to carry guns, already being practice in parts of Texas.  Laws requiring guns being locked up when in your possession are making it harder for irresponsible people to get a hold of them.  Bans on certain kinds of guns are being discussed.  Finding help for mentally ill people who get their hands on guns. We need guards and police at the entrance of all our schools… movie theaters… malls… even churches… and other such places where mass killings have taken place.  The list of ideas goes on and on.  Some argue that guns do not kill people… people kill people.


Most agree that such killings cannot be stopped… the best we can do is to curb them and reduce the frequency that they happen.  Many are saying that even those who oppose gun control are now saying something needs to be done.  I remember the old Archie Bunker solution years ago of how to      prevent high-jackings… give every passenger a gun.  I laugh at the solution, but it is becoming a no laughing matter situation.


Probably what has been the awakening factor this time is the death of 20  children… children 5… 6… 7… years old.  It does make you want to reach out and hug your kids.  And, it makes me wonder why our kinds aren’t in Bible class? at church services?  It makes we want to be sure my kids never miss.  If dead children touch our hearts and make them ache, why not live children?  Among the solutions is: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  Do more than hug them… train them… bring them to church.