Raising Children

A man knocked on a door.  A tired mom answered.  He said, I am raising money for a new children’s home we are building.  I hope you are willing to give something toward it.  The tired mom replied, Sure. I have 4 kids.  2 boys and 2 girls.  I’ll give you 2 boys… 2 girls… or you can have one of each!

Raising kids can be challenging!!!  I have come to believe as many have said if it weren’t for grandchildren, I would of never had kids.

A kindergarten teacher was helping kids put on their boots at the end of the day.  One kid barely got the boots on and the teacher noticed and said, You’re having trouble because they’re on the wrong feet.  Let me help you. It wasn’t easy but she pulled them off and worked to get the boots back on when he said, These aren’t my boots! Oh, she said and pulled them off with a struggle saying, why didn’t you say so.  Where are the boots you wore this morning?  He said, Those are them. They’re my brothers!  With a word and with the patience of Job, she struggled to put the boots on once again. Then she said, Where are your mittens?  He said, I stuffed them in my boots…

It ain’t easy raising kids!  It was great to see many families out at the New Year’s Party last Monday.  I could not help but notice how many children were here.  It was great to see!!!  And, I appreciate the parents who chose to come and to bring their kids with them.  I admire your patience and desire to raise your kids to know the Lord and love his church.  Kids have a way of bringing out the beauty and joy of being a parent.