Do You Want To Lead Someone to Christ?

Here’s a plan…  Buy this book, Muscle and a Shovel…  Read it… THEN, give it away to someone you know! Muscle and A Shovel

Muscle and a Shovel is a true story about a young couple, Michael and Jonetta Shank, newly weds who move to Nashville, Tennessee, to chase the American Dream.  Michael meets a friend at work, Randall, and they enter in to a discussion on religion. Michael is a Baptist, saved at age 8, when he said the Sinner’s Prayer.  Michael has many questions for Randall, a simple black man who loves the Bible and quotes scripture like he was reading it.  Randall, over time, patiently deals with Michael’s many questions.  Michael begins to question things he has believed for years.  He begins to visit many churches – Community churches, Baptist, Presbyterian…  Randall begins to tell him about a church that is not a denomination… a church that simply wants to go back to the Bible!!!  Michael and Jonetta’s search ends late one night as they…


OK, you have to read it!  It’s non-fiction, a true life story!  It’ll grip you attention!


Here’s one review…


If you choose to read this book your beliefs will be challenged in ways you never thought possible and from a vantage point you may have never considered. The fact that this is non-fiction is one reason why this story is so compelling and powerful. This book will anger, frustrate and agitate your senses beyond description.

It will force you to examine the beliefs you hold close to your heart, but you won’t finish this book without being satisfied. If your sensibilities are easily offended, this story is probably not for you. In fact, many who begin the story won’t make it to the end of the book. Those who do will find something far more valuable than the purchase price of the book.

A simple plan… Buy the book… Read it… Give it to someone…

You may lead someone to Christ!!!