A Nickel

Yogi Berra once (supposedly) said, These days a nickel ain’t worth a dime.   I think that’s true and there is a lot of wisdom in that saying.



So, how much is a nickel worth?   One Liberty Head nickel was found recently that is expected to bring $2-5 million when auctioned in April.  It is one of only five known to exist.  It was discovered in a car accident in which the owner was killed.  For years it was thought to be a fake… forgotten in a closet for decades… then found to be the real deal.



How would you like to be $5 million nickel?   How would you like to be thought of as a worthless fake?  How would you like to be forgotten for decades?  Well a fake nickel isn’t much different than a worm!   The song, At the Cross or Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed?, tells our story.



Alas! And did my Savior bleed?  And did my Sovereign die?

Would He devote that sacred head   For such a one (worm) as I?



Some renderings of the song say one, some say worm.  My understanding is that the original said worm, but to make the song less offensive the word was changed to one.



Perhaps in the eyes of the world we are nothing but a nickel?  Perhaps, we are nothing but a worthless, fake nickel.  But in the eyes of Jesus we are worth precious millions… even worth giving his life for.  Next time you see a nickel, think of the death Jesus was willing to die on the cross – FOR YOU!