Changes Are Coming!

Have you ever thought as you left the worship service, That was a great sermon!!!  I want a copy of that!   Let me put it another way, When have you NOT left the worship service saying, That was a great sermon!!! I want a copy of that!

Well… soon you can have a copy of it!

We are upgrading our system to record the worship service!  Not just in audio, but with video!!!  This was a dream from last year which is going to become a reality!  We have been looking for a company to do this for us and we finally found one.  Hopefully, the end of this month or the first of March the system will be installed that will allow us to record the services.  Monitors will be installed in the nursery and downstairs that will allow the service to be watch remotely if the time and occasion is needed.  The new monitor downstairs will allow us to do away with the projector and show any classroom presentations directly to a large screen.

The ultimate goal, which should happen quickly, will allow us to make DVD copies of the worship service for shut-ins and to archive the services on the Internet, so, with a mouse click you can view past worship services on your computer… Ipad… etc.