What Can you do with a Krispe Kreme Donut?

Gain 10 pounds?  Learn how not two spell Crispy or Cream?  I personally like alternate spellings of words.  You may find a few in the bulletin every week.  Some even treat the bulletin as a Word Search!  I have even thought about intentionally including a few misspelled words, but I soon discovered I do not have to!  Or, maybe you could lead someone to Christ?

That’s how the story of Muscle and a Shovel begins.  Michael meets Randall and Randall says, I have something for you.  It was a Krispe Kreme donut.  He even adds, Later I might be able to give you something else.  A friendship begins… questions exchanged… a Bible study… then two baptisms, Michael and his wife, Jonetta.

Interesting story… you should read it.  I forgot to do my commercial last Sunday, so I thought I would share the book one more time.  I ordered 10 copies… they are gone.  I have ordered 10 more and a couple of them are already spoken for.  Those who are reading the book speak highly of it.

Just remember the real value of the book is giving it away!

Love is like a lucky penny

Hold it tight and you won’t have any

But, give it away and you’ll have many

You’ll end up having more

So, give a friend a Krispe Kreme donut and a copy of the book – you might win some to Christ?