Below is a Book Review from the Gospel Herald, a Canadian paper, by Eugene Perry.  Further testimony to the value and importance of the book, Muscle and a Shovel.  I continue to encourage you to read this book & pass it on to others!!!!!!!

In a recent article in this paper we learned that at a convention of leaders of a large denomination the widespread acceptance of the use of the Sinner’s Prayer was challenged. It was pointed out that such an approach to salvation did not appear in the NT.

This book, Muscle and a Shovel, presented as a narrative of factual events, tells the story of Bible studies by two employees at their workplace.  Largely the studies consider the question of how one is saved, but in the process most known false doctrines are refuted in narrative format. The author finds himself challenged to defend his long and firmly held belief that he was saved by reciting the sinner’s prayer”.  Failing to locate it in the Bible even with the help of experts he finds himself facing two alternatives. He could continue reading and studying or in anger close his mind to any further studies.

Likewise, it is promised that readers will either continue with interest or want to shred the book.  We quote from another review: WARNING: If you choose to read this book, your beliefs will be challenged in ways you never thought possible – from a vantage point you may have never considered! It is a true story which is one of the reasons why this story is so compelling.

Being of a good and honest heart and because of a growing admiration for the confidence in his fellow worker’s knowledge of the Bible and his warm and winning lifestyle, studies were continued and the author and his wife obey the gospel, 2 Thess. 1:6-10.

Beginning with the challenge to find the sinner’s prayer in the NT and a question of how one can obey good news (the gospel), a variety of topics from tongue-speaking to the concept of a personal relationship with Jesus are studied in 40 short chapters.  The closing chapter contrasts the sinner’s prayer with the scriptures on salvation.

The discovery that religious leaders are repeating the party line and offended when such is questioned leads to the conclusion that we each need to put in an effort and dig into the scriptures to determine the truth, hence, the book’s title, Muscle and a Shovel.

Written in an easy to read style, this book grabs the reader’s attention.  Some report finding it difficult to break off and hence read late into the night.  This is an ideal book for every Christian to read and keep on hand for reference and to share with others who are searching or show an interest in those topics.  It promises to be a powerful and effective tool for evangelism.