Prayer – 100% Successful

Luke 18:1 is a challenge: And he told them a parable, to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart.  The Simple English Bible says one should always pray and never give up.

Have you ever given up praying for something?  Have you ever lost heart about something you were praying for?

The challenge is followed by the parable of a judge who neither feared God nor regarded man.  There was a widow who kept coming to him asking the judge to make things right in a case she had against an enemy.  The judge refused to rule in her favor – for awhile.  My translation reads that because this widow bothers me. So to get her off his back, so to speak, he finally ruled in her favor.

The parable is to teach us to pray… and pray… and pray… and not to lose heart… to not give up.   It is a hard lesson.  It is a challenging lesson.   Do you believe that rain dancers can make it rain?  One Aboriginal tribe of rainmakers in Australia has a 100% success rate at making it rain!  That’s a 100% success rate.  They were called on once to help end a drought by a town’s committee.  On one occasion one of the community leaders asked them how they had become renowned for making it rain???  Why is it that every single time you dance, it rains?    The tribal leader answered, It’s very simple.  We dance until it rains.

And so the Christian prays and does not lose heart. Or, as the Simple English Bible reads one should always pray and never give up.