A Good Standing

Take out the trash!  Trish has never had to tell me to take out the trash.  For as long as I can remember the trash was just my job.  I also handle recycling now that it has become the norm in our society.  On the other hand, I don’t do laundry.  In fact, I am not allowed near the washing machine. Something about shrinking and discoloring clothes???  Most of us have a host of jobs/chores that are not particularly pleasant.  In Jesus times it was washing feet.  That was the job that was assigned to slaves.  Slaves or servants also had other less thought of type of jobs.

One of my favorite sermons is the story of Eugene Ellis.  He made a livelihood by shining shoes.  To him it was an art.  Started at the bus station and worked his way to the White House shining shoes for Kennedy… Johnson… and Nixon.  Kennedy gave him his break.  Johnson was his favorite.  He thought Nixon a bit strange.  To Eugene shining shoes, a job looked down on, was an art!  He did it well!  His favorite shoe to shine was one in really, really, really bad shape.  He says he could see his work when he transformed the shoe into a thing of beauty!

Deacon.  Deacon, as most of you know, is the Greek word for servant.  The servant is the one who gets the jobs no one else wants to do.  He takes out the trash. He shines shoes. He washes feet.  So why would anyone want to be a deacon?  I’ve always appreciated 1 Timothy 3:13: the deacon who serves well gains a good standing for himself.   The deacon who takes the job no one wants and does it WELL, well he shines!

Chet Kamphuis is stepping down as a deacon.  There are several things going on in his life at the moment and he feels the need to step down. Chet has served as a deacon for close to 30 years.  Chet knows this building inside and out.  We have fixed and repaired things together many times.  He is the one person I have called on many times for help. Dee has stood by him and has been a servant as well.   The jobs they have done over the years have not always been seen.  They would have been obvious if not done, which makes them all the more important!  Chet tells me, though he is stepping down, he is still available to be called on whenever I need him.  Because of their service over the years, Chet & Dee have gained a good standing for themselves (2 Timothy 3:13).