Children absorb knowledge so quickly.  Greg Elderkin shared a devo on children Wednesday night about his love for children.  Children can be f-u-n!  To some extent that’s why Jesus said let the little children come to me… do not hinder them.  We have so many young children in the congregation and they are a delight to watch!  I enjoy watching them especially after services are over… and especially now that most of them are walking and talking!  I also have enjoyed seeing them grow on Facebook.  It is a good source for pictures.  Lily does a mean Jesus Loves Me and I got to hear it live this past Wednesday night.

For us, it has been a great joy to watch Eden grow. She’ll be here for the Mother/Daughter Banquet next week… soon to turn the big 3 on May 6.  Not long ago Trish said something like, No one’s perfect.  Eden said with all sincerity, My mommy and daddy are!  I didn’t have the heart to tell her they’re not!  But it reminded my that at one time my kids thought I was perfect.  All kids go through that stage when they think their parents are perfect.  I’m not sure at what age they begin to realize we, try our best, are not perfect.  Once they realize it, we parents lose a lot of clout!

What it all means is our kids are watching us!  And I love the song, Watching You, by Rodney Atkins.  A boy and his dad driving through town when dad stops the car suddenly for a red light.  His chicken nuggets and orange drink go flying everywhere.  The boy says a 4-lettered word and dad says, Where did you learn to talk like that?  The small boy answers, I’ve been watching you, dad, I’ve been watching you.

Second verse, when they got home dad goes to the barn to pray… pray for his son heading in the wrong direction.  Later that night as he was putting his son to bed he saw that boy pray to God like he was talking to a friend.  Dad asks, Where did you learn to pray like that?  The small boy answers, I’ve been watching you, dad, I’ve been watching you.

I have seen a lot of young parents who are impressing me with the way they are raising their children!  I am enjoying watching their kids.  I am reminded that the kids are watching their parents and us.