We have been emphasizing newness in our study of 1 Peter.  2013 will be bringing some newness to SouthSide.  We have installed a new video system.  This will allow us to record services and special events to DVD and hopefully upload to our Web site and watch on your home computer.  The install was just finished this last week.  It may be awhile as we learn to use this new feature and train people, but it is now 100% installed and up and running.  If you have computer skills, this may be one way that you can serve.  Let Kevin or Charles know if you would be interested.


Also, you may notice that our parking lot is beginning to show its age and is in need of repair. Several years ago we went over it with an 1″ of blacktop to refurbish it. That process gave us several more years of use.  However, we are at the point that it is time to take the whole thing up and install a complete new parking lot.  Last year we contracted the job out and are ready to go once the weather turns – which it seems like it finally is.  This is a major expense and will cost more than $50,000.  We have planned for such events over the years and have carefully managed our finances so that we are prepared for this.  We will be able to have the new parking lot installed without disrupting the flow of the work at SouthSide.  The present parking lot is probably close to 40 years old (no one knows), so we should be set for another 40 years without a major expense.  We are always willing to accept special contributions from those who may be able and looking for special ways to give!



These new improvements hopefully will aid us in our effort to serve the Lord this year.