This past Wednesday night in our study of Joshua we talked about the monument that was raised after Israel crossed the Jordan River.  It was just a pile of rocks – 12 rocks left as a reminder of what God had done.  The rocks were left so that when your children ask, “What do these rocks mean?”, they could tell the story of what God had done.

We all leave a mark wherever we go.  A man who cannot write is asked to sign by making his mark, usually an X on the paper.  In Galatians 6 Paul writes that he bore on his body the marks of Jesus.  He was talking about suffering and beatings that he had endured for Christ.  Being a Christian had left its marks on Paul’s body.  There’s the old saying you sometimes see which says that every visitor to our home brings happiness, some by coming . . some by leaving!  Animals have a way of marking their territory.  They leave their mark as a warning to other animals.  Over the years our cars pick up marks.  The parking lot door ding . . . the accidental scratch . . . It is hard not to touch a car without leaving a mark.  Often the marks are invisible, but they are marks none the less.  When the Dead Sea Scrolls were in Grand Rapids they would not let us touch them.  Our skin contains oil which leaves a mark, which can damage and deteriorate something that is valuable.  As one wanders through the woods he often marks his trail so as to find his way back.  Crimes have been solved that are years old because DNA evidence was found, an invisible mark left behind by a criminal.

Marks.  They are everywhere.  We all leave marks.  We call the marks we leave behind – influence.  We have an influence – both good and bad.  We all are examples – both good and bad.

What kind of mark do you want to leave behind?