Michael Shank – Muscle and a Shovel

I have been in contact with Michael Shank who has written the book, Muscle and a Shovel. We have had brief discussions in the elders meeting about trying to bring him to SS to speak for us.  As I understand it, Michael is not a preacher.  He has his own business to make a living.  However, he does do speaking engagements in connection with his book.  He has a second book coming out which, as I understand it, will bring us up to date somewhat as to what has happened since his baptism back in the 1980s… even an up date on Randall, the one instrumental in his baptism.

Here’s the email he sent to me…
What do I do when I come to speak? Great question! Typically I do the adult Bible class and take about our evangelism efforts after baptism, the need for brethren to go and teach the perishing, ways to overcome obstacles, etc. In the sermon I preach the gospel and the primary problem we face today, along with how to overcome it. Sometimes congregations have a dinner after the morning service and then I preach again right after the dinner, which they use for their normal evening worship service.

I’d love to come to Grand Rapids – yes, please stay in touch and let’s see what we can work out for the fall – yours in the Lord with love, mike

As you can see he is willing to come.  My question to you is would you like for him to come? I would like to have your input???

He publishes a Newsletter on line, which if you go to his web page you can sign up and receive. Once I begin to receive them I will try to print a few for those who do not have email service.