Memory Day

Memorial Day is a day to remember.  We have set it aside in this country to honor those who have served, and especially died, for the freedoms we have.  Memories can be very precious.  I think it is somewhat fitting that there are so many graduations around Memorial Day.  As kids graduate from high school or college and move on with their lives, there are a lot of memories.  Jobs and life take them different directions, often not to see each other again.  Close friendships are lost to time and distance.

It’s interesting to read 2 Timothy 4.  It is memory day for Paul as he knows his life is coming to a close.  And he has a lot of memories.  Bad memories.  Demas in love with the world had deserted him. Alexander the coppersmith did me great harm. At his trial no one took my part.  Good memories. Mark, with whom he was greatly disappointed with years ago, is very useful in serving me. Obviously, Timothy who he is writing to, his son in the faith. Then there’s Titus and Luke – good friends.

No doubt, you have memories too!  Bad memories – those who perhaps have done you harm. Good memories – those who will stick by you and never disappoint you.  Those who have built up the church and your faith. Those who were not so worthy and hurt the church and your faith.  What strikes me as I remember on this Memorial Day is that we go a long ways in making our own memories.  Paul’s memory is: I fought the fight.. I have finished the race… I have kept the faith…   A good memory is to live in such a way as to lay up a crown of righteousness and help others along the way.