Living Right in a Wrong World?

In a Baby Blues cartoon dad just returned from a shopping trip with the guys to the mall. Mom asks, How was your shopping trip? Dad responds, Traumatic!

Anyone who has gone shopping with small children probably understands why he might say, Traumatic!

Mom asks: What happened?

Dad’s answers: The mall was full of teenage girls!

Mom: So???

Dad: I have seen the future, and it is not modestly dressed!

Not the traumatic I expected as I read the cartoon? Yet, I understand it. Do you ever think about the future? Anything from modest dress… to bombs going off at a marathon race… to senseless crimes… to same sex marriages… to, well, you name it. Looking to the future can be traumatic… disturbing… frightening…

Simple English Bible, 2 Peter 2:8-9 describing Lot’s thinking about Sodom: Lot was very upset about the wild sex life among the people in Sodom. Lot was living among them day and night. When he saw and heard their lawless deeds, he felt tortured in his righteous soul.

It can be discouraging trying to live right day and night in a wrong world. But, part of the message of 2 Peter 3:8-9 is that Lot did it – he lived right in a wrong world. It was not easy… it was not fun, but he did it. We too can live right in a wrong world… and it doesn’t matter how wrong the world gets!