There is a popular PBS TV show, The Antiques Roadshow. On the show a group of experts travel the country and appraise antiques that people bring in to show and share.  They often have unique stories of how they found various items – at a garage sale, in an attic, at a recycle shop, in the trash, etc.  Sometimes they are amazed to learn that the items are worth hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Last year a group came to us from Somerset, PA, to help in our work camp.  The youngest was a girl of 12.  She comes from a large family, with a new one to be born in June!!!  We saw their house.  It was in need to be painted.  So, we conceived the idea of taking our work camp on the road!  This week a group of us are going to Somerset and will be joining with a work crew from the Somerset congregation and we are going to paint her house. When the idea was conceived and they learned we may do it – they were very thankful!!!

It is a great opportunity for us to say thanks for helping out last year at our work camp.  It creates a great mission service trip for us.  It helps out a family in need, after all we are to do good to all men, especially the household of faith.  Our work camp here this year will be reaching out to a family that is a friend to one of our members, again an opportunity to render service.

We will leave Tuesday morning and hopefully finish the house by Saturday.  After worshiping with the Somerset church Sunday morning we will head home.  We pray for good weather and safety in travel.