A House Transformed!

We are back from our PA Work Camp.  This is a first for us taking what we do here in Grand Rapids to Pennsylvania.  This was more than a work camp.  It was more than a mission trip.  We have done both of those things before.  This was a trip to help a Christian brother and sister in Christ.  Victor and Brenda have 7 kids – with one more on the way – due in June (by this writing the baby could already be born)!  Many of you saw the condition of their house in the bulletin last week.  This afternoon we hope to share more of the story with many, many more pictures. With 7/8 kids, they are not a rich family.  Dare say, if we did not do this trip, the house would have never gotten painted.

The story begins with Kyla, their daughter, coming to our work camp last year at age 12.  She is a very mature age 12 and we were greatly impressed with her spirit, the way she worked, and the way she conducted herself.  In talking with Jimmy and Natalie they mentioned their house was in need of a painting.  Trish and I got a look at it and the idea was born.  A great project for us and the answer to prayer for them.  They were very, very, very, very appreciative of our willingness to come and paint their house.  As you will see from the pictures, the house was transformed.

It turned out to be probably the toughest house we have painted.   The 32′ ladder we had did not reach the peak.  The 32′ ladder was bigger than the 30′ ladder we had to use last year.  There were other difficult spots we could not reach with ladders.  Bill Riggs, one of the members there, who also came to our work camp last year, brought in a lift for us to use – it was a life saver. The weather was a challenge.  Cool, cold at times, with the threat of rain every day.  Heavy rain came at night, but as Nehemiah said as he rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, the Lord was with us.  We were able to paint every day, some times in a light drizzle, but we were able to finish the job.

A special thanks to those from Southside who made the trip: Trish Young, Nathan Young, Noel Young, Laura Miller, Bob Holland, Ed Thorpe and Polly Lesnock.  It was a faith building experience for us and a job well done.