November 3, 2006

I am sure most of you do not remember that date.  It’s the date that Barb Butler Surine passed away.  It is about this time each year that we award scholarship to Southside kids who are going to college.  We do this from a fund established by Barb according to her will. She wanted this money to go to Southside kids. At this time there is just over $6000 in a fund from which we can award scholarships.  There is an investment of over $50,000 that will continue to feed this fund and enable us to give out more scholarships. We have also already given away a few thousand dollars since 2006 when the scholarship was established.  This is not an earthshaking amount of money, but most college kids are glad to have a few hundred dollars these days.

This year we are awarding scholarships to Micaela Elderkin, $1500.00… Kaylyn Scholten, $900.00 and to Laura Miller, $500.00.  Congratulations to these who have earned money through programs we have offered.

I share this because Barb was a very special part of this church for many years.  It is wonderful that she had the heart and willing foresight to establish this scholarship.  The program will continue as long as we want it to.  If we should decide to drop it, the money is to go to the Herald of Truth program.  Barb not only believed in this church she believed in its young people.  We have a lot of little ones and I hope some day they will collect a scholarship from a lady that died before they were born!

I also hope that those who accept this money will appreciate what she has done.  With the passing of time sometimes the connection between the money and the appreciation dies.  It is easy to take the money and not appreciate.  I know that Barb wanted these young people to grow into responsible people and strong Christians, and if in the neighbor, help Southside become a stronger and better church.

So, we pause to remember and to say thank you to Barb!