This Old House

Thursday nights on PBS is the This Old House TV show. I enjoy watching it as it is a show about fixing up old houses.  I enjoy watching it because it has a lot of helpful hints as to how to fix things.  I have learned much from watching the show.

This past week I thought of the show as we worked on the Work Camp house.  On the second day the house was beginning to take shape when a policeman drove by. He was looking for the house that we were working on. He was going to deliver to the owner a notice that she was in need of fixing up the house. It had become an eyesore to the neighborhood and the city wanted it painted. The policeman had indicated he had driven around the neighborhood a couple of times looking for the eyesore. He stopped and talked to us for a few moments.  It was refreshing to us to know that we were helping out this family and the house was being transformed into a thing of beauty.

Sometimes God works in mysterious ways.  Generally, we would not take on a home so far from Grand Rapids.  As we were working on it the city was ready to condemn it.  When we finished the officer said he wasn’t even going to bother delivering the notice or do the paper work!  We had painted the house at just the right moment.

The story becomes more interesting as the officer knew where SouthSide was.  He had grown up near the church building and attended the Christian school next door that we share our parking lot with!  He took a couple cards suggesting we might be able to help other families in Sparta that needed to bring their old house up to code.  We made no promises.  But it was nice to know our work was being seen and appreciated, not only by the home owner, but the city of Sparta as well.

Hmmm… was it all a coincidence or was it providence?  Did we just happened to paint a house or was the Lord working through us?  Without our help one family would have been in a predicament.