Do You Want To Be Normal?

I would think that most of us want to be normal.  When we go to the doctor for a check up we want everything to be normal.  We have good days and bad days… sometimes we just want a normal day.  You ever found yourself saying, I’ll be glad when things get back to normal!  Maybe a rough stretch where so many things are going on and it is nice when things return to normal.  As school is about to start it takes awhile to return to normal.  Summer is a time for unusual play… staying up late… you look forward to getting back on a schedule and routine – back to normal.

Paul wanted to be normal.  He didn’t want to be a fool. In 1 Corinthians 4:9-10 he says that he was like a man sentence to death as an apostle.  He says they had become a spectacle to the world. He adds that he is a fool – that is, a fool for Christ’s sake.  Sometimes it is good to be abnormal.  Sometimes it is good to be a fool – if it is for Christ sake.

Christians are sometimes viewed as being abnormal… as being a bit weird.  As a kid I remember people saying, You go to church on Sunday night?  You go to church Wednesday night? I was watching a TV show the other night and a guy suspected of being in trouble was described: This guy goes to church every Sunday… except during football season. He’s just your average, normal American.  The normal American goes to church every Sunday – except during football season.  To go to church even during football season would make one abnormal… a fanatic… maybe even a fool for Christ.

Being normal is no fun.  Be a fool for Christ.