This Can Help You…

There’s a story in Chicken Soup for the Soul where a man thinks back to his first day of college.  I can still remember taking off for Harding leaving Baltimore for the 20 hour trip… never been there before… didn’t know anyone there.  His father took him in an old rickety truck.  Today, most kids go with computers, cell phones, and many things that make dorm life a luxury.  This man’s father gave him 2 things saying he didn’t have any real advice for his son.  One thing was a checkbook. He told him if he got in a bind to write himself a check.  He didn’t have much money, but somehow he would cover it. The other thing was an old Bible. All he said was, This can help you, if you will let it.

As he lay in bed one night he got to thinking about that day… and the Bible.  Oddly, he still had it.  He had hung onto it all these years… and the old Bible truly had helped him several times in life.  Now he was ready to take his own daughter to college.  It would be easier for her.  He was not rich, but he was in a position to make the transition to college for his daughter much easier compared to the bare necessities that he left for school with.  Today, many colleges students need a van or small trailer to get their stuff to their new college home.

For years the tradition at SouthSide is to give our graduating seniors a Bible.  For the most part, we have let them pick the Bible they want.  As years go by I now wonder what has happened to all those Bibles???  Were they read?  Were they taken out of the box?  Were they lost?  Do the kids still have them?  Were they meaningful in any way?

The Bibles are mostly a symbolic gesture.  But reading the above story I want to believe that the Bibles helped a few along the way.  The key words in the story are: This can help you, if you will let it.     If you will let it the Bible will change your life.