Take Heed What Kind of Work You Do!

The story is told of a rich man who admired the work of a builder who had worked for him on many occasions. He decided he wanted to reward him for his years of faithful service. He hired him to build a house. He was going to have him build a house and then give it to him as a gift!

The man who was always honest began to think he deserved more for all of his work. He thought this was an opportunity. He decided to use cheaper materials but charge him for higher quality items. You know if you want a faucet in the bathroom you can spend $29 up to $290, ten times or more.  Both will work, but often you can tell the quality or the lack of it. Most of us are very price conscious and are interested is saving money.  The man thought he would never notice the difference.

The day came to turn over the keys.  To his shock the rich man, with a huge grin of joy on his face, refused to take the keys telling him the house was his!  He had built his own house… and, he had cheated himself.

This story is in 1 Corinthians 3. According to the commission given to me, Paul writes, like a skilled master builder I laid a foundation…  We as Christians are building on that foundation!  Paul adds, Let each man take care how he builds upon it.  Wow! What a warning. The work we are doing is for the Lord. What kind of materials are we using?   Paul suggest we can build with gold… silver… precious stones… wood… hay… or stubble…  The question for us is what kind of quality are putting into building the Lord’s church?

Paul goes on to say our work will be tested in the judgment.  Are you making the church a better church?  Are you building up others?  Are you encouraging others?  How do others see you and your work for the Lord?  I want to take pride in the work I do for the Lord!