A popular TV show for many years was, Friends.  A popular social web site today is Facebook.  On Facebook you create a network of friends.  Click on a name and you might find that person has 58 friends… another 25 friends… another 279 friends.  One friend may say that this person is a friend of and it will give a list – and you can become friends with the friend of a friend!  I am not an expert on Facebook but there is virtually no end to the number of friends you can have.

In reality, how many friends can a person have? Can a person really have 279+ friends? Can you be a friend to someone you have never met?  You can know their name… where they live… who they ate lunch with on Tuesday… but, can you really know them and be a friend to them?

We sometimes will say to a person, What are friends for?  Perhaps you did something that caused a problem for someone. You might jokingly say, What are friends for?  You didn’t mean to create a problem or trouble for someone, and it is said in a way that means, I’m sorry.  Maybe you did something good to someone… helped them out… made their day special and you say sincerely, What are friends for?

Jesus said, I have called you friends (John 15:15).  The best definition of a friend is someone who helps you get to Heaven!  Do you want to know if a person is a friend?  Are they the type of person who is helping you get to Heaven?  Over the years there have been many who I thought were friends, but they deserted me, disappointed me, and we are no longer close. Thank the good Lord, for those who are encouraging you to get to Heaven – they are your friends!