24 Hours

I was watching a Persons of Interest TV show not long ago.  The bad guy had poisoned someone with a radiation poison.  The poison begins with a nose bleed.  The person becomes sicker and weaker and then in 24 hours he is dead.  The one poisoned learns who did it.  The poison is given in a drink.  He goes to the person and poisons the bad guy with a drink.  They talk… the bad guy doesn’t know he has been given the same poison.  The good guy says to the bad guy who has grown very rich by his devious actions, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is you have 9 billion dollars.  The bad news is you have 24 hours to spend it!  And with that the bad guy’s nose begins to bleed and the reality of what has happened sets in.

Good news and bad news – rich but only 24 hours to live.  Here’s a truth about life: we all have 24 hours to live!  At some point in our lives we will only have 24 hours to live.  The problem, unlike the bad guy, news: we don’t know when the 24 hours begins. BUT, the time will come when we only have 24 hours to live.  In the Bible the story is told in Luke 12.  The Lord says to the rich man who thought he had ample goods laid up for many years: This night your soul is required of you… and this treasure – whose will it belong to?

Imagine knowing you only have 24 hours to live. What would you do?  Most of us would not worry about spending our money – if we had $9 billion or $9.  Money would not be a priority.   Most likely a lot of things would quickly go through our mind – family, friends, will – hopefully prayer and are we right with God.

Just remember all the time any of us have is 24 hours, we just don’t know when!  In truth, we may be in that 24 hour frame at this very moment.  The key is to live each day as if it is our last 24 hours.

What time is it?