Kids See More Than We Think

We had a great trip and especially enjoyed spending time with Eden. Jimmy spent 2 nights in the hospital with Natalie… which meant we had Eden at home without her parents getting in the way!  It was a great bonding experience.  I took some work to do but never got around to it.  I learned that watching a 3 year old takes time and energy!  I think I knew that at one time, but had forgotten it.  It was a good reminder.  My hats off to all our families that have small children – you have an important, full-time job!

Sunday morning we were getting ready for church.  Eden asked about Cameron going to church that Sunday morning.  Natalie told her that he was too little and would be staying home. Natalie and Cameron came home Saturday and Natalie wasn’t quite up to going.  Eden thought about it and said something like,  But, mom, he’ll be home all alone.  She thought Natalie was going and Cameron wasn’t because he was too little.  She didn’t realize that Natalie was staying home with Cameron.

It’s funny how young minds work.  But, it is also amazing how young minds work.  When a young mind is trained that there is a church time… and that the family always goes to church at that time… they expect the family to go.  Eden thought Natalie would not miss and Cameron was just too little to go.  It emphasizes to us parents how important it is to train our children to attend all the church services at a very young age.  They don’t miss a thing.  They know what they are expected to do.  And, Eden – age 3 – enjoys going and talks about what she did at church.  We teach our kids to go to church.  And, we teach them how to not go.  As they grow older they are watching what their parents do.  They will miss for the same reasons you miss.  They will be lost or saved for the same reasons you will be lost or saved.