The Servant

This past Wednesday night we had only a few moments to look at the all important chapter of John 13, Jesus washing the disciples feet.  How do you teach such a valuable lesson on service?  Jesus had taught this lesson time and time again to his disciples.  He had told them that the greatest would be the servant and similar teachings.  But, that night, shortly before his death, he burned an example into their hearts and minds they would never forget.  He laid aside his garments… put on the towel (an eternal symbol of the servant)… and washed their feet.

His example was…

He was not too good to do that kind of job!

He would do even what no one else would do

He did it without complaining

He did it even to a guy who was going to betray him

He didn’t have to be told to do it – he did it without being told!

He did an unpleasant job

He did what he didn’t have to do

He did it with joy


Ever notice that if you do something with joy it is always easier.

Jesus died shortly after this great lesson.  Learn the joy of service before you die.