An Experiment

LaGard Smith wrote a neat devo book, Meeting God in Holy Places.  He toured several spots in the Biblical land and helps us meet God in these places.  Each chapter contains a look at an archeological site… a Bible story of what happened there… and most important, a personal application or lesson to help us in the lives we are living for God.  When Trish and I visited Israel in 2006, having read and studied that book was tremendous preparation for the trip.

In 2014 I would like to take Sunday evenings to study that book.  It will be knowledgeable as we will learn several facts about and from the Bible.  It will be inspirational as Smith shares unique insights from the lessons.  It will inspire us with personal lessons that will help us become better people.  Throughout 2014 we will have 30 lessons from this book.  I see this as a part of the transition of welcoming Freddie Klein into our work at SouthSide. He will speak for us Sunday mornings and we will tour the Bible lands with LaGard Smith Sunday nights.  Not having the burden of preparing a Sunday evening lesson will allow him more time to ease into the work here.  I suggested this briefly at an elders meeting.

Tonight, I would like to give you a preview of how this may develop. We will look at one of the chapters from the book, Storytelling.  Storytelling explains the Passover feast, how it was done and the purpose.  There is a major emphasis on the importance of storytelling and children!  We will have a short devo that will introduce the lesson, followed by a 30 minute study together.  I hope you will make a special effort to be here tonight to share in this study.

One of the neat aspects that I see to this study is we will prepare the lesson for you to read a week ahead of time before the class.  Each lesson should take you about 15 minutes to read.  This can be done as a family devo sometime during the week.  A question sheet will also be distributed to help with your family study.