If It’s the Last Thing I Do!

Have you ever said, If It’s the Last Thing I Do!  You are determined to do something… so determined that if it is the last thing you do – you’re going to do it?  Well, I am near retirement and will be even nearer when Freddie arrives.  I am looking forward to his coming and think he will do a great job at SS.

I have been going through my stuff.  41 years of preaching stuff.  Down-sizing my library… deciding what to keep and what not to keep.  I am getting rid of some things that I would be happy for you to have – books, tapes, etc.  If you want any of it – and some of it is good material – please feel free to take it.  When Freddie comes, I will turn the office over to him.

I have had several thoughts as I do this.  What will be the last thing I do?

What will be last sermon I preach?

Who will be the last person I baptize and lead to Christ?

What will be the last Bible class I teach?

What will be the last…

What will be the last thing I do?  Hopefully, retirement is not dying!  I will probably go through this again when death does draw near. As I look back it has been quick.  I blinked and life became a bunch of lasts!

But, as I am filling my life full of lasts, Freddie will be filling his life full of firsts!

What will be his first sermon?

Who will be the first person he baptizes and leads to Christ?

What will be his first Bible class?

What will be his first…

I encourage you to encourage him.  Make his job a real joy!