It’s time for those Christmas letters!   Have you ever received one?   Have you ever written one?  The letter that tells you all the wonderful, amazing, fantastic, super-human things that some family has done the past year!  You think about your family and accomplishments and you think you must live a pretty dull life.

There was a Baby Blues cartoon.

He comes up to his wife and says, Messing around on Facebook again?

She: No, I’m writing our Holiday Letter.

She: What did we do this year that was remarkable?

He: Remarkable?   We raised kids and lived to tell about it.

She: I’ll just say “Ballroom Dancing”

Well, that’s what Trish and I did this year – we took up Ballroom Dancing!  It was fun and exciting!  Not really, but one has to lie, I mean stretch the truth, to raise things to that remarkable status!

Actually, I like his answer: We raised kids…

Don’t underestimate the remarkable accomplishment of raising your kids well.  If you do nothing else all year – raise your kids.  If you want to be successful in life – raise your family. It may read dull and boring in those Holiday Letters, but think about what would happen if as, a church, we raised our kids well?