What Have We Done???

2014 will usher in many changes at Southside.  Probably the most significant will be having Freddie, Inge, and Waylon come to Southside to work.  We are filled with great anticipation and praying for their success.

Just this past week I read a story from an experienced preacher.  A young man going to college to become a preacher met a girl… fell in love… and married.  His father-in-law, who was a preacher, warned him as he began his new career to be careful to guard his spiritual life.  Out of 20 young men like yourself starting out in the ministry, only one will make it, he advised. By make it he meant that some kind of moral failure, discouragement, disillusionment or bitterness would push them out of the ministry.

I am not sure how accurate his percentages are, but this guy wrote down in his Bible the names of 24 friends from his class who were going into the ministry. He says they were on fire… soul winners… with a sincere desire to serve God.  This young man made it. Now nearing retirement over the years he had scratched off the names of those 24 who had left the ministry.  He says there were only 3 names left.  Failure… discouragement or other reasons had driven them from the ministry.

This will be Freddie’s first real job as a minister.  He comes to us with limited experience.  However, we have been impressed with what we feel is real potential and a love for the Lord.  We anticipate the best from him and that he will do a great job!  The above story is a reminder of how each and every one of us will play a key role in his success.  We need to encourage him at every opportunity.