Membership                           February 6, 2011

This past Wednesday night we cancelled services due to the snow… Snow… SNOW… and the wind and the blizzard-like conditions.  My back still aches from all the shoveling!  We tried to call everyone and let them know.  It was a reminder to me of the importance of placing membership.  The way we called was to go through my list of members on my computer which I try – and try really hard – to keep up to date.

Placing membership is important.  For one it gets you on my list.  If you are not on my list you don’t get important information and may drive to a service we aren’t having!

I am always impressed that Paul when he came to Jerusalem in Acts 9 after becoming a Christian tried to join the disciples there.  He was not trying to join the church.  One cannot join the church.  One becomes a member of the church when he is added to the church at his/her baptism BY GOD.  However, Paul did want to identify with a local body of Christ, i.e., the church at Jerusalem.  The church there test his membership.  They didn’t think he was one of them.  Thanks to Barnabas he was able to join the fellowship of the church there.

Placing membership says, I want to be a part of you! It is nice when people say to me, I want to be your friend! I like friendship!  I enjoy doing things with others.  And the part I like the best is the word want. I want people to want to be my friend.  I want people to want to be a part of the church.  When people do not place membership they send a message.  The message says, I want all the benefits of being a part of this church, but I don’t want to be a part of you… I don’t want to be close to you…

Why not do more than just come?  Why not become a part of SouthSide?   Do you want a call when something important is happening?  You have to be on my list!  And, by the way, when you change your address… phone number… let me know.  It is as simple as filling out the card in the chair pocket.

We WANT you!