I Did It My Way

Remember Frank Sinatra’s song, I Did It My Way.  It is probably the song that he is most remembered for.  It sort of implies that his way was the only way.  I just finished working on a project with Arnie Kocsner and working with him reminded me of that song because… when working with Arnie there is only one way to do things – his way!!!  He won’t be offended by my comment because he often says, I do it my way, and we fight.  But, in the end we get the project done.  And, we have done many projects together.  I pride myself on being the only person in the world who can work with him!

But, I have strong feelings there may be more than one way to do things. When it comes to Biblical principles there is often only one way to do things – the Lord’s way.  We read story after story to that effect.  Move the ark by cart or by priest carrying it. What difference does it make as long as it gets moved?  Ask Uzzah.  When it comes to salvation read story after story: Learn… Believe… Repent… Confess… Be Baptized…    By the way the stories show that the baptisms were by immersion… for the forgiveness of sin… for salvation… to receive the Holy Spirit… and to be added to the church – the Lord’s way.


I read a Baby Blues cartoon where mom is giving one of the children a bath and says to dad, Want to take over?

Dad: Sure

Mom: But don’t use the bar soap… Watch her head… Be sure to use a washcloth… Try not to get water all over the floor…

Dad: By take over, you meant?

Mom: Do it exactly the way I do it.


There is the Lord’s way and there is my way.  The challenge is to make sure we don’t get the issues confused.  Ever hear someone say every service has to have 2 songs and a prayer?  9:45 is the scriptural starting time for Bible Study, 10:45 for Worship?  The KJV is the only true version, it’s the one Paul used!