It’s February

It’s February… so what?


Well… there was an article in the GR Press not long ago entitled, I Like To Finish Something I Started.  It was the story of a college student finishing his college degree.  Hardly enough to get a write-up in the paper as there are thousands who finish college.  The twist was he was battling brain cancer.  Fighting to live, why spend energy finishing a degree?  I’ll leave you to imagine his struggle.  But the story was about finishing… he wanted to finish.


There was a BC cartoon about the end of the year… about the time we could have been making those New Year Resolutions. The cave man has chiseled on a rock, I resolve to finish what I star… He has dropped his hammer and chisel and is running after a butterfly!  The message is obvious… what is it that distracts us from finishing what we start?  Many times it is trivial stuff.  Staying focus is hard to do.


Jesus’ last three words from the cross are important words: It is finished.  Aren’t you glad Jesus finished.  Born in a manager… died on a cross…   In between is the story of our salvation!


It’s February… how’s it going with those resolves and goals?