Thank You For Your Service

Thank You For Your Service!  It is a phrase that we are hearing often these days.   No doubt many of you have utter those words.  Someone sees a man or a woman dressed in uniform and he says, Thank you for your service.  It is recognizing and appreciating that sacrifice that many, many have made in service to this country.  They have served… they have spent time away from their families… they have put their life on the line… that have, in some cases, suffered physically – losing an arm or a leg – as a result of their service.  They have served to ensure the freedoms and peace we often take for granted on a daily basis.

It is good to recognize such service.

This morning we are acknowledging 5 men who are joining with Jim Haywood who will work as deacons at SS: Dan Medawar, Jake Hoffman, Bill Lesnock, Chet Kamphuis and Michael Tanksley.  They, like service men and women, are doing this voluntarily.  They have accept the duty.  I think deacons, like service people, often do not get the appreciation they deserve for the service they render.  It will involve taking on extra duties.  It will involve taking time away from family (something we are very sensitive to).  It will involve doing things which no one will see or know about – thus, often it will be an thank-less job! It will involve not getting credit for the things they do, but they are not seeking the credit.

My hope is that as these men have stepped up to take on this special service for the Lord, we will occasionally say, Thank you for your service.