See My Thumb

Remember all those childhood rhymes we used to do on the playground?

You’d start: I one a horse…  I two a horse… three… four… five… six… seven… I eight/ate a horse!  You would catch the guy at eight. You ate a horse!

Look up…  Look down… Look all around… See my thumb… Wow! You’re               dumb.

Well, I looked all around and saw my thumb and realized I wasn’t dumb.  As one Christian comedian says: See your thumb print.  There’s not another one like it.  You are “thumb body!”

He uses that line to show the uniqueness of God’s creation. Every person is unique. Every person is special. To God everyone of us is thumb body!

He begins his routine by saying: I’d be an atheist if I had that much faith!!!!!  He says it takes faith to be an atheist!     What? It takes faith to be an atheist?

It takes faith to believe that all the order around us evolved from some gaseous belch of the universe 6 billion years ago.

Order never comes from chaos unless someone puts it together.   Let’s say that again: Order never comes from chaos unless someone puts it together.

What if I took my watch apart… piece by piece.  Put all the pieces in a bag and shook it for some 6 billion years.  What are the odds that it would come out all together… ticking… and right on time?   Let’s say that again: What are the odds?

I don’t have enough faith for that… let alone, that this complicated universe came about by chance from chaos.

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament declare his handiwork.  Psalms 19:1

Take a look at your thumb.  You are not so dumb.  You are God’s son!