Status Quo

Which do you like – change or status quo?

If you are like me probably both!  I like change!  At the same time I like things the way they have always been.  Some like to rearrange the furniture every so often.  Others like to keep things they way it has always been.  It is tough walking through the dark and stubbing your toe on the chair because you forgot you rearranged the furniture.  The familiar is comforting… but at the same time it is refreshing to have change.

What is status quo?   Someone has said that status quo is Latin for the mess we’re in.  Ok, that’s not really true, but at the same time there is truth in it.  Status quo is often the mess we are in and there needs to be some change.

This year I was scheduled to speak at a lectureship in Ohio.  I got snowed out.  As I continue to clean out my office I found the lesson that I was going to present.  I was asked to speak on, The Christian and the Final Judgment.  My angle was presenting a lesson entitled, When I’m Gone.  Hopefully, when we as Christians are gone there will be a crown of righteousness waiting. Anyway it is a lesson prepared that I probably will never present. But, as I prepare to leave SouthSide after 27 years I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when I am gone.

The one thing I know is that things will change… things will be different… the status quo will change… the mess we’re in I believe will get better.  My prayer is Freddie and Inge will be here for a long time and do a good work.  Change can be and often is better.

I thought of this as I saw a cartoon I cut out of the paper – or actually printed from the Grand Rapids Press computer paper.  It pictures a dog sitting at the computer.  Instead of fetching the paper as dogs used to do the owner says: It wasn’t easy, but I trained him to download the paper every morning!   I remember the switch not long ago.  I remember hating the fact I wouldn’t get a paper paper, but will have to read it off the computer.  Now, I like reading the paper on my Ipad.  I print off the crossword puzzle and at 10:00 each evening Trish and I still work it together. And, now as we have grown older I blow it up and get a larger copy to work with than the old newspaper copy.

Change is good… until it becomes the status quo…   Eventually, change will become to the new status quo…  And things will keep getting better and better.  By the way, I like my new smart phone!