Barb Butler Surine

As time passes and people come and go over the years, names and individuals are often forgotten.  Many of these individuals made significant contributions and had a great love for the Southside church. Barb Butler as many of us knew her for years was one of these individuals.  She was an active part and supporter of so many of SS works.  She passed away after remarrying (thus, the Surine added to her name) in 2007.  Barb was not a rich person and lived a fairly modest lifestyle.  When she did pass away she left the church $48,300 to set up a scholarship fund to give to SS kids going on to post high school education.  For several years we had a program set up to award kids scholarship money from this fund.  And over the years we have given out several thousands of dollars from this fund as outlined in the program.


We have decided to maintain this fund, however, we lack graduating kids at the moment. The fund has produced $2000-$2200 in money the past few years to be awarded. We have the option of taking this money out or simply leave it in the fund for the fund to grow. As of February, 2014, the fund has grown to just over $64,000.  This year we are opting to let the money ride and the fund to continue to grow in hopes of being able to award larger scholarship funds in the future.


At Dan Oliver’s suggestion the money was invested in Capital Region Community Foundation in Lansing, MI.  The foundation has served us well since the money was invested in 2007.


We hope to allow the money to be invested and grow at this time, again in hopes of being able to make more substantial awards later.  And, with all the young children running around SS we hope it grows by leaps and bounds!


This is just a reminder to continue to appreciate those who have had a love for SS over the years and were thoughtful enough to think about our kids, yet unborn, and wanted to do something special for this church.  As time passes and memories fade, the shift is often toward the money and not so much about the person who cared enough to make the gift.