The Time of My Departure Has Come

The Time of My Departure Has Come are words spoken by Paul in 2 Timothy 4:6.  They have suddenly become very apropos to me. About 6 months ago a decision was made to bring Freddie & Inge to SouthSide to work with us. We have been looking forward to their coming with great anticipation!  That day has come!  If all goes as planned they will be worshiping with us next Sunday and Freddie will immediately begin his work at SouthSide.  I will preach my last 2 sermons next Sunday and the following Sunday he will take over the preaching duties and the time of my departure has come.     I came to SouthSide July 1, 1987. When I officially step down on June 30th it will make exactly 27 years to the date.  I plan to move out of the office this week and it will be ready for Freddie when he arrives. I plan to set up a temporary office in the basement for the month of June and will be around to help with any last minute transition details.  This is all happening a bit sooner than I had originally planned. I had hope to work until I was 67… 30 years at Southside… then retire here and continue to live in the area and to support SouthSide.  But things change. Hiring Freddie seemed to be a great opportunity, even providential, and I fully support the decision.  I encourage everyone to welcome him with open arms and get 100% behind him.  He seems to be a perfect match in so many ways for this church at this time.     I hope his stay at Southside will be long and rewarding.     The time of my departure has come and I leave thankful and with many memories.  Most of all I am thankful to Trish who has worked with me side by side and been an amazing blessing to this church.