The Bible is filled with genealogies. Genesis 5 and 11, 1 Chronicles 1-9, Matthew 1 and Luke 3, just to name a few, are all list of people contained in what we know as genealogies. What is a genealogy? Merriam Webster Dictionary defines genealogy as: the study of family history and the history of a particular family showing how the different members of the family are related to each other.


Do you find yourself skimming past the names of people in these long genealogies? The names can be tough but they tell us something important. These names represent real people the history of the world. These people are not part of some elaborate story, fairy tale or myth. The people of these genealogies are real because scripture is based on fact (2 Timothy 3:16-17). What good is a book that just tells us about good things and bad things that happened to people that never existed? The genealogies of the Bible are just as factual as the principles that Jesus teaches us.


When you have the opportunity get on the internet and search: 50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically. The first link will take you to a page that gives information on 50 people that are referenced in the Bible that archeology has confirmed. These discoveries only further our knowledge that God’s word is accurate.


I hope you will take time to understand every aspect of the Bible has a meaning and usefulness to us as Christians. The genealogies help us realize the Bible is not a book of stories but of truth.