God’s Forgiveness in 1 Chronicles 

1 Chronicles is interesting because it is deeper than it may seem. As one reads through the chapters of genealogies (1-9) and moves into the history of the Israelites something powerful and amazing is revealed about God.

1 & 2 Chronicles retell the history of a people that have a rich background covering many years and generations. Chapter 10 start with the life of the disappointing Saul. This is the only chapter devoted to a man that reigned for many years. The rest of 1 Chronicles continues through the life of David.

This first book of Chronicles highlights major events of a kingdom past to a people coming out of Babylonian captivity. The Chronicles were most likely written by the prophet Ezra. 1 Chronicles tells about David’s mighty men (Chapters 11 – 12) and the account of David and the ark (Chapters 13 – 16). We learn about David and his dealings with the temple (Chapter 17) and encounter David’s wars (Chapters 18 – 20). We learn of David’s sin in numbering the people (Chapter 21) and David’s preparation and organization for building the temple (Chapters 22 – 29).

As the book of 1 Chronicles wraps up we learn of the death of David. But we have missed something essential, or so we think, to the reign of King David. There is no mention of the sin with Bathsheba. In fact, the name can only be found as Bathshua in 1 Chronicles 3:5.

What do we learn about David in this account to the people coming out of captivity? We learn that God forgives sin even though God hates sin (Jeremiah 44:4; Proverbs 6:16-19; Zechariah 8:17: Revelation 2:6). When God forgives sin it is as if it did not happen. What a blessing it is to know that we serve a God that loves us and forgives us when we fall short if we will turn to Him in obedience (1 John 2:1). No matter the sin, God can forgive and we can lead a righteous life for His glory (1 John 1:9).