1 Chronicles 13 reveals the fate of those who put their trust in good intentions rather than God. The ark of the covenant was traveling from Kiriath-jearim (1 Chronicles 13:5) to the city of David, Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:29). Uzza was in charge of driving the oxen of the new cart, not appointed or instructed by God, to carry the ark of the covenant (13:7).

As the cart constructed by the thoughts and intent of man’s heart faltered, Uzza stretched out his hand to hold the ark from tipping over (13:9). We might conclude that Uzza was trying to do something good. Yet, we learn in verse 10 that God struck him dead immediately. He was at fault in numerous ways: Touching the ark , moving the ark in a way contrary to God as well as not being of the Kohathitie family (Numbers 4:5-15).

Good intentions are not an excuse for disobeying God’s commands. Uzza may have had the best intentions for touching the ark. Uzza may have had the best intentions for helping to move the ark. He may have had the best intentions even though he was not from the approved family but none of that mattered. He still was in violation of the laws of God.

Do you have good intentions in your worship to God? In your attendance, Bible study, prayer and evangelistic efforts? Our best intentions will never get us into Heaven. Rather, our intentions make us feel comfortable in the error that we should be turning away from. I beg you. Get rid of your good intentions and instead, follow the words of God (James 4:17).