David Realized

1 Chronicles 14:1-2 Now Hiram king of Tyre sent messengers to David with cedar trees, masons and carpenters, to build a house for him. And David realized that the Lord had established him as king over Israel, and that his kingdom was highly exalted, for the sake of His people Israel.

These verses indicate that David was not only a powerful king but a influential and important king in the area where he ruled. Instead of going to war with king David, other kings were paying tribute to him. In particular the Bible records the acts of one specific king in the region. Hiram, king of Tyre sent skilled craftsmen to build a house for David. We have all sent gifts in the mail or now buy clicking send on our computers we can send gifts as well. These are great gifts no doubt but David was receiving a house as a gift. This would of been of the finest materials as mentioned in the text: cedar wood and stone. As well, this house was most likely not something we would call a house but more like a mansion, this was a huge house!

The text says something deeper than just the fact that David was receiving gifts from neighboring kings. David takes notice of what God is doing for him. The text says that “David realized that the Lord had established him.” Sometime life passes us by so very quickly that we forget to stop and think about all that we have: the freedoms, the health, the blessings. Sometime we forget all that the Lord is doing and has done for us. For David, during this act of respect and honor from this foreign King he realized that the Lord was blessing him.

Are you realizing all the Lord has done for you? If you are a Christian, then have you realized the Lord has established you? You have more than you could ever ask for if you have salvation. Without His grace you would have no hope (Ephesians 2:12). Sometimes realizing is as simple as taking a step back to see all that God has given you.