David was Blessed

The king of Tyre had just sent craftsmen to build David a house (1 Chronicles 14:1). This was because David had power and influence over his kingdom and the surrounding area. Though David had failed at successfully transporting the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem           (1 Chronicles 13), he was still a very blessed man.

David took a moment to step back and see the amazing power and love of God. He was a great king over a great kingdom, a kingdom that was respected by other surrounding kingdoms (1 Chronicles 14:2). At this point in his life he might of asked the question: “What more could I want?”

It seems that though he realized the blessings in his life, king David wanted more.  He wanted more power, more prestige, and    possibly more physical affection. 1 Chronicles 14:3 tells us, “Then David took more wives at Jerusalem, and David became the father of more sons and daughters.”

David had been blessed thoroughly by God but now he sought more. He took more wives. The taking of more wives has always lead to more difficulty and heartache in the Old Testament. God never    condones multiple wife but rather gives instructions for one man and one woman to be one flesh.

When we look at what we have we must realize how blessed   we are. When we seek to add pleasure to our lives it must be in                accordance to God’s will, His word. Seeking a life that opposes the   will of God will only cause us distress in this life and the life to come.