Go to God

David is relatable because he has ups and downs in his faith in God. 1 Chronicles 13 shows us his desire to please God but at the same time he shows extreme arrogance for moving the ark of the covenant in an unbiblical manner. David is immensely blessed by God through his kingdom and people to the point that other kings recognize his prestige and honor him with gifts as such described in 1 Chronicles 14:1-2. David shows his faithless thinking in taking more wives that will later cause him and his kingdom more trouble. Yet, David redeems himself once again by going to God in a time of need as seen 1 Chronicles 14:10.

Some of the surrounding nations realized David’s power and honored him (14:1-2), others wanted the power that he had. 1 Chronicles 14:8 tells us about the Philistines that wanted to have nothing to do with honoring David and sought to put themselves against David. David acts by faith, meaning he went to God before going against the Philistines (14:10). It is said of David that he handled his trials better than he did his successes. What is sad is that he went to God when things were looking down and not when he realized God had established him (14:2).

When do you turn to God? Is it when things are hard and you have no where else to go? The Christian life will be filled with trouble and joy, with sorrow and thanksgiving. We must strive to praise God in all things. We must go to Him when we are sad and afraid and when times are the best they have ever been. Go to God in prayer and go to God by growing in the knowledge of His revealed will. Go to God.